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Map & Directions

What follows are directions directly to Somtara from the ferry landing, but before driving out, make sure you have connected with Tom regarding your access code prior to arriving on the island.

From the ferry landing, take a left at the stop sign. Continue on this road, county H / Big Bay road, until it ends; about eleven miles from town. Turn left here on Schoolhouse, a gravel road. The next intersection is Chippewa Trail. It’s only about a hundred yards down and you can only turn right here. Turn right on Chippewa Trail. The fire number at Somtara is 4113 Chippewa Trail. It is about a half-mile down the road on the right, the lake side. There is also a brown, national park like,  sign with Somtara and contact information in yellow.

You might find it convenient to print this page and take the directions with you.

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